New Age Radio Talk Station to Launch


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2005 -- Ed Keyes, President of World Talk Radio Networks announced today the formation of two new channels that will be supported through WTR. "I am pleased to be the first to introduce NEW AGE TALK and HEALTHY LIFE RADIO as two added channels that will be part of our fall program season build out." is the premiere net based content delivery system reaching every area of the globe where the internet is available.

Paul Johnston, Program Director of World Talk Radio said "We're on the search for innovative new program ideas and show hosts."

The idea for the new channels originated from media consultant Mike Ratner who approached the station with the idea only a few weeks ago. "I am fortunate to be among a very supportive team of innovators that want to make a difference across community lines," said Ratner.

The announcement comes at a time when World Talk Radio is amassing approximately 65,000 new listeners a week. "We need to expand into specialty channels and are very open to hearing new ideas about our programming." said Keyes.

"The most important thing is having something to say. If you know something and want to share it with the world, this is the place to do it." Johnston added.

Johnston envisions launching in October and then immediately building out a Health oriented station followed by a Travel channel. "We're extremely happy to have brought Mike on board. He has made broadcast history before in establishing alternative radio formats and knows exactly what to do." said Johnston.

An in-house briefing has been scheduled for Thursday December 8th at 11:00 am for a special select number of potential program hosts who have been privately invited to attend the meeting and will be the first to hear about the planned station build out. An on-air training, programming and marketing briefings are scheduled at 1pm on the same day.

Show host and program suggestions can be emailed to or contact us at the address below.

For more details: WORLD TALK RADIO
9606 Aero Drive
San Diego, CA 92123

Attn: Mike Ratner, Marketing Director
(858) 836-0172