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Ajax applications shine with TBARS Toolbars™


Lebanon, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2005 -- Ajax web application developers can integrate Openbar LLC’s TBARS Toolbar™ product suite to create a toolbar with consistent content and functionality.

Using Ajax development techniques, developers are able to create web based applications that are more responsive and interactive than typical web based applications. Openbar LLC’s TBARS Toolbar™ product suite can be integrated into Ajax based applications to create a toolbar with consistent content and functionality.

"Developers are getting excited about Ajax development techniques," says Pat Fedderman, Openbar LLC’s Director of Business Development. "We want to help them with a toolbar product that can be easily, and completely, integrated with their applications. With our TBARS Toolbar product suite, developers can utilize their familiar Ajax development techniques to implement toolbar functionality and to display toolbar content. We believe that our product is the only toolbar on the market with this feature."

"TBARS Toolbars utilize standard HTML which makes them compatible with nearly any web server, content generation engine, and Ajax framework. Our product is also compatible with nearly any technology that is available from within the web browser including the technologies utilized by Ajax such as CSS, DOM, JavaScript, and the XMLHttpRequest object."

"The TBARS Toolbar product suite includes toolbars, explorer bars, and desk bars for Microsoft Internet Explorer™ and Microsoft Windows™," Pat concludes. "We encourage developers to visit our web site to download fully functional demo versions of our TBARS Toolbar products and to see how easily they can be integrated into their web based applications."

Fully functional demonstration versions of the TBARS Toolbar product suite, documentation, and additional information are available at

Openbar LLC was founded in 2004. Its TBARS Toolbar product suite is designed specifically for browser based products including web sites, corporate intranets, and web based applications. For more information about Openbar LLC or the TBARS Toolbar product suite, please contact Pat Fedderman, Director of Business Development, by email,, or by phone, (914) 861-1718.