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F-Group Software Releases Absolute Startup 5.1


Kiev, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/23/2005 -- F-Group Software proudly announces the release of a new version of the multifunctional Absolute StartUp 5.1 manager, with an updated database for automatic optimization of data on automatic-starting Windows programs.

Absolute StartUp is a fast optimizer of the Windows boot-up process. Absolute StartUp manages all registry startup sections as well as startup folders and services. More importantly, it lets administrators control the startup sequences of other users of the PC! With Absolute StartUp, an administrator can modify the startup configuration of any user -- and it won't require their passwords and logins to do so.

Absolute StartUp is intended primarily to resolve the problems a casual user faces. During the startup, users witness numerous programs being automatically loaded by Windows. The msconfig utility will gladly list these programs, but a regular user may find it daunting to try and determine which of the programs he really needs.

Absolute StartUp uses an online database to settle that issue on behalf of users. The database contains information about all the programs looking to be started and also includes recommendations from other computer users regarding the advisability of keeping certain programs on your startup list. The database makes an exception for viruses and spyware/adware applications: all recommendations on such programs are ignored; Absolute StartUp will remove them from the startup lists on sight. The database is available for searching and browsing at http://www.absolutestartup.com/startup/.

By optimizing your startup process, you can reduce the Windows boot-up time - which is especially important for laptops. It only takes a minute: launch Absolute StartUp, approve the optimized version of your startup list, and you are done.

At the same time, with Absolute StartUp you can fine-tune the automatic startup behavior of your programs. Besides the Windows startup, you can schedule a program start to a certain time, schedule a program to run after a timeout, start several programs simultaneously, or start Internet applications only, and on top of all this use hotkeys to control the launching.

Absolute StartUp Pro costs only $29.95; Absolute StartUp Home Edition costs $19.95. Both versions are available for ordering on Absolute StartUp's Website, http://www.absolutestartup.com/. You can download the free trial version of Absolute StartUp from the same address.

System Requirements
Windows 2000/NT4/XP, 64 MB RAM, Pentium-2, 5 MB Hard Disk

Product page:


Download Evaluation Copy of Absolute StartUp 5.1
Download from: http://www.absolutestartup.com/download/Absolutestartupsetup.exe

The price of a single copy is 29.95 US Dollars. Absolute Startup Home Edition comes without a database support and is priced at 19.95 US Dollars.
Web: http://www.absolutestartup.com/order/

About the Publisher
F-Group Software is a software developing company specializing in Windows utilities. Since the inception in 2001, the company has released Absolute Startup, Internet Image Browser, IEManager, IECount, AutoMixer, MClipboard and Tray Safe.

Web: http://www.fgroupsoft.com/
Email: fgroup@fgroupsoft.com


Full Version Evaluation
Should you need a full version for review, please send an email to Alexander Vihtyuk press@fgoupsoft.com

Download Evaluation Copy of Absolute StartUp 5.1
Download from: http://www.absolutestartup.com/download/Absolutestartupsetup.exe

More Information
More product information can be found at http://www.absolutestartup.com
The latest PAD file can be found at http://www.absolutestartup.com/Absolutestartup.xml