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LoPresti Aerodrome announces the “First Saturday” series of Hangar Talks


Vero Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/23/2005 -- LoPresti “The world’s leading provider of aviation PERFORMANCE solutions” is delighted to host a series of clinics to be held on the first Saturday of each month. The clinic series will cover various topics designed to help you fly faster, higher, safer and farther. (After all, that’s what it’s all about, right?)

The first clinic will be held December 3, 2005 between 9:00AM-11:00AM, at the LoPresti’s 20,000 square foot facility located on the north ramp of the Vero Beach, Municipal Airport (KVRB). The topic for this clinic will be on “Engine cooling, baffle repair, exhaust, and intake condition”. LoPresti is legendary for making airplanes go faster – without using more horsepower. Their drag-reducing and engine cooling designs have earned awards and accolades from pundits and pilots around the world.

• LoPresti Aerodrome clinics start at 9 am.
• 60 minutes technical talk.
• 30 minutes Q&A with coffee and doughnuts.
• 30 minutes hangar flying.

Mark you calendars for future “First Saturday’s” January 7th, “Ignition, Mags, Spark Plugs, and Wires” February 4th, “Carbs, Air Filter, Fuel selection, and Additives” Hangar

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Patricia Jayne Keefer the owner of a Twin Comanche said about LoPresti Aerodrome, “It was a real pleasure to deal with professional folks - Steve and Rick were a delight, and as Jim predicted, the engines now run about 20 degrees cooler”, Patricia Jayne Keefer. “Our goal is to support aircraft owners with invaluable insight on the technical working of their aircraft”, said Curt LoPresti President of LoPresti.

About LoPresti Aviation
LoPresti is the world's foremost provider of aviation performance solutions. LoPresti designs and manufactures modifications to dramatically improve the safety and performance of all types of aircraft. For more than three decades, founder LeRoy LoPresti was the reigning prince of light aircraft design. In 1991, the legendary engineer formed LoPresti Aviation, located in Vero Beach, Florida. Since that time, LoPresti has led the way with Innovative design and a string of technical firsts, including:

• The LoPresti patented “LoPresti Cowl” inlet design.
• The LoPresti patented SynchroPulse Propeller design.
• The LoPresti Winner Spinner – all flush spinner with advanced intergraded structural improvements.
• The unique “SRAM Air” slide valve for increased horsepower.
• The LoPresti “Boom Beam”. The first HID lighting optimized for general aviation use.
• The “Hubba Hubba” cap. The first trouble free wheel cover.
• The only “fatigue free” composite flap gap seal.
• The LoPresti patented Speed Spat - main landing gear fairing.
• The LoPresti patented Speed Slipper – nose landing gear fairing.
• The LoPresti patented fairing for reducing drag behind any airframe aperture.
• The LoPresti Zip tip, the only wing tip with all enclosed lighting for Piper Aircraft.
• The LoPresti Cowlings, the only manufacturer of replacement cowlings for Piper Aircraft using advanced composite technology.

Curt LoPresti CEO of LoPresti Aviation continues the family tradition with dozens of Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs), Parts Manufacturing Authorizations (PMAs), Patents and Copyrights. LoPresti leads the way in performance and innovation time and again.