The Webmaster StyleGuide

The Webmaster StyleGuide Released!


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/30/2005 -- Benjamin Kerensa of Webmaster StyleGuide has authored and released his first publication in a 10 part series the first book is named "The Webmaster StyleGuide - 100 Do's and Dont's for Web Design".

Mr. Kerensa states that his new book is being published by LuLu and that he has already had several hundred copies distributed to companies such as Barnes and Noble, Borders, and eBay where they should be available for purchase both in-store and online in the next couple weeks.

As of currently my book is available for purchase at the LuLu website and there is both a eBook and Printed version so whichever is more convenient for you we have both available and I am totally confident that you will love the book.

Book is currently available for purchase via Credit Card or Paypal at the LuLu website at the following web addresses: