Benefiting Babies

Benefiting Babies - December 7th (7pm - 10pm)


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/7/2005 -- Bendfiting Babies is a fund raiser created to raise money and collect toys for the families at Children's Hospital throughtout the Holiday season. This year's event will take place at Finnigan's Wake on December 7th from 7pm - 10 pm with Free food and beer, tons of prizes and a huge 50/50 drawing.

Over the past 12 months, I’ve watched a very good friend take amazing responsibility for her pregnancy with twins. She read books to be prepared, she took care of her body, she ate the right foods and ate enough food to help the babies grow as much as possible before their birth at 35 weeks, more than one month early. Declan was growing as every normal twin, but his brother Gunnar was having difficulties. In utero, Gunnar was diagnosed with a “Giant Omphalocele”, which means he would be born with his digestive organs outside of his body. After birth, his intestine, bowel & stomach would have to be placed in his body and covered with skin. During the weeks prior to birth, Gunnar and Declan’s Mom, Laura, lived at the Ronald McDonald house – away from her home and family in Lancaster, PA. Their father Adam, had to stay back in Lancaster so that he could continue earning the families income. Big sister Sarah was also at home, so Laura was handling the difficult pregnancy on her own. The day finally came, and the boys were born on June 20, 2005, Declan 7lbs, 1oz, Gunnar 5 lbs, 12oz. Gunnar underwent his surgery and was stabilized. He remained in the hospital for months. Adam went back to work because his family medical leave is unpaid and his vacation was used on doctor appointments, the birth and critical surgery times. Finally after a few months of being alone at Children’s Hospital with her struggling son, Laura was able to leave with Gunnar who was still on oxygen and other life sustaining tubes. With twins and a 4 year old, she was averaging 2-3 hours of sporadic sleep a day. But she was finally able to be home to see her children. Unfortunately, that visit was short lived; Gunnar and Laura are back in the ICU where they have been living for more than a month. Gunnar’s heart and lungs are failing. A machine is breathing for him and he is on more medication than many of us take in a life time. He has needed multiple blood transfusions and he has a personal nurse 24 hours a day.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is an amazing facility, filled with similar stories. The nurses and doctors work tirelessly every day saving lives and easing pain. “Benefiting Babies” was created to help raise the money to help parents like Gunnar’s pay mortgages and medical bills while their families make a temporary home at Children’s Hospital. We also hope to bring toys and a little joy to the other children in these families who no longer get all the attention and support that they would under normal circumstances.

A $25 ticket includes free beer and a free buffet. Tickets are already being sold for the 50/50 and there will be an auction with tons of prizes from restaurants, salons, wine stores, art stores and much more. So hopefully people will not only have a great time, and support a great cause, but they will go home big winners!

For information on how to donate prizes for our prize raffle, donate toys to be distributed or donate money, please call Mary Harvey at 215-336-1806 or e-mail A benefit volunteer will be happy to stop by to pick up all prizes and donations.

To RSVP for this event, simply send the names of those that plan to attend to