Lounge Pants Software, Ltd.

w/Ease Software Made Even Easier in Version 1.5


Wichita, KS -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/8/2005 -- Lounge Pants Software today announces the release of w/Ease Small Business Software version 1.5 which now allows for almost all work to be done from the w/Ease interactive scheduling calendar.

Lounge Pants president John Dettenwanger said w/Ease fills a software niche that no one was addressing. The former Cessna executive and his oldest son designed w/Ease with the direct input from over 50 small business owners, all from different business sectors. As a result, w/Ease is completely useful to a wide range of businesses from landscaping and construction contractors, to caterers, piano teachers and consultants.

w/Ease is the ideal solution for the more than half of all U.S. small businesses that do not use accounting software. Instead of requiring accounting knowledge, w/Ease is designed to work the way small businesses do. With an intuitive user interface, tutorial movies, and the ability to plan, schedule and record work, w/Ease assists the small business owner in establishing sound business management practices.

w/Ease most unique feature is its interactive scheduling calendar. From the calendar, a business owner can schedule jobs and projects, schedule invoices, and record notes and reminders. Additional features include a complete overview of customer account activities; modules to price and plan work for multiple customers; ability to create daily work lists; tracking of completed work; creation of invoices for mailing or emailing; custom business cards and letterheads; storing inventory information; and tracking material and labor. In addition, w/Ease captures the information needed for an accountant to create year-end tax reports.

Most attractive to small business owners is the price of w/Ease. In keeping with Lounge Pants’ commitment to cash strapped new and small businesses, w/Ease is priced at $89 and has no hidden upgrade or support fees. The company has no automated support line - every call is handled quickly and in person. The software can be purchased at http://www.w-ease.com. A free trial is also available.