Free Internet RFP tool, WhyAbe.com provides sourcing services for WhyAbe users.


Willow Grove, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/8/2005 -- WhyAbe.com is listening to its user base and is providing free sourcing and support services. “Many of our users are telling us that they are having difficulty identifying additional sources of supply for commodities where supply was disrupted by hurricanes and other natural disasters” said Charles Coltman, Chief Marketing Officer for WhyAbe.com. “We are stepping up to the plate and providing sourcing professionals to assist our users with the resources needed to identify additional suppliers”.

Once users are ready, WhyAbe will also help them post their listings. “Many of our users are time bankrupt and we can quickly jump start their utilization of WhyAbe”, Coltman said. Once users get their first listing posted and they begin to see the benefits of WhyAbe, they quickly become converts.

WhyAbe.com is an automated collaborative marketplace that can be used by any organization in any industry. WhyAbe allows buyers to post their specifications in a RFP / RFQ format and invite suppliers to provide quotes. The ability to communicate with multiple suppliers at a single time and view all responses in the WhyAbe dashboard is unprecedented. Likewise, suppliers can make their goods and services available to a broader range of potential buyers and receive free trade leads. Registering and using the site is free. Professional sourcing services can be obtained from partner companies to WhyAbe.com.

WhyAbe creates a marketplace that is Buyer centric. Utilizing a revolutionary keyword engine that matches suppliers to buyer’s requirements, WhyAbe makes it easy for buyers to find suppliers and obtain quotes quickly. Buyers can invite their own suppliers by simply typing in the supplier’s email address. WhyAbe also has a versatile listing tool that seamlessly handles everything from RFI’s and RFP’s to Specifications, Drawings, and Pictures with intuitive ease. Free reverse auctions will be available in the near future. Buyers can use WhyAbe.com for all of their strategic sourcing needs.

Most e-sourcing platforms require a large ramp-up period and/or a large deployment budget. With these platforms, the cost of rollout can often mitigate any cost savings opportunities. WhyAbe is specifically designed to allow buyers (corporate and retail) to do more in less time, than conventional e-sourcing platforms. Buyers can easily monitor all of their activity through WhyAbe’s Dashboard feature which provides the history of all activity for all projects. This is especially important for companies that are trying to comply with Sarbanes Oxley.

Obtaining value from WhyAbe is instant. There is no software to install or PC’s to configure. A computer equipped with the latest version of Internet Explorer or Mozilla provides immediate access to the comprehensive and user friendly tool. WhyAbe allows users to control costs, manage performance, ensure compliance and quickly deliver value. WhyAbe was designed so users would have a quick learning curve, and recognize the benefits of the RFP system immediately. You can start using WhyAbe now and begin getting the benefits right away.

WhyAbe is the available immediately for free on the web http://www.WhyAbe.com.