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Speaking Coach Offers Five Steps to Effective Presentations


Basking Ridge, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/7/2005 -- Is speaking in public a task that you enjoy, or one that you liken to passing a kidney stone?

Regardless of your proclivities to speaking in public, Victoria Chorbajian, public speaking coach and founder of Chorbajian Speaking Enterprises in Basking Ridge, NJ, offers 5 steps that is designed to make all speakers more effective in their presentations.

“The fact is that most presenters, even seasoned ones, are not terribly effective,” said Chorbajian, author of the CD, Proper Preparation Creates A Winning Presentation. “They do not effectively convey their key messages and, as such, lose credibility before their audience. If that’s not a reason for presenters to make changes, I don’t know what is.”

Following are the items Chorbajian said can make a difference for any speaker:

1)Have a timetable. Schedule appointments in your business calendar for yourself to accomplish various preparation steps for your presentation in an organized step-by-step process.
2)Create an outline. Create a one-page outline, which clearly states
based on your 3 key messages how you plan to illustrate your key points.
3)Create your slides. As a public speaking coach, Chorbajian is not an advocate of using slides as the presentation. She says that there is many other ways of illustrating your points that will make it more memorable in the audiences’ minds.
4)Write a script. In many cases (not all), writing a script is incredibly beneficial to the presenter, only if the presenter does all the necessary preparation steps to ensure that the contents and the delivery is ‘on target’ for the audience. This means having a sufficient amount of time to write the script and practice it out loud properly.
5)Connect with your audience. Chorbajian says, “Connecting with the audience means many things. It has everything to do with how you prepare your talk up to the presentation day including ways to connect with your audience in addition to ensuring that your presentation delivery techniques such as pausing, pace, emphasis, eye contact, your gestures, etc. are right ‘on top of your game’.”