Put Your Personal Trainer in Your Pocket with iTRAIN


iTRAIN is a Revolutionary New Fitness Tool That Marries Workouts Designed by Hollywood Personal Trainers with MP3 Player Technology

Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/8/2005 -- With the debut of iTRAIN, the fitness world will experience a revolution in which new technology will take personalized conditioning to an entirely new level. Who would have imagined a decade ago that exercise enthusiasts would be able to tote a personal music library the size of a deck of cards? Or that average Americans could live the life of the rich and famous by having a Hollywood personal trainer at their fingertips? iTRAIN is the reason. This cutting-edge fitness tool, founded by fitness expert Grace Lazenby and entertainment industry executive Sebastien Reant, allows users—from fitness enthusiasts to seniors to teens—to download personalized trainer workouts with customized music play lists to an MP3 player for an affordable price. With packages starting at just $9.99, iTRAIN subscribers have access to a wealth of fitness expertise and customized workouts combined with music carefully selected to enliven each program. The iTRAIN roster of workouts will include iTread, iCycle, iClimb, iStrength, iStretch, iStretch Combination, iSculpt (Traditional/Ballet), and iTeenTrain (Boys/Girls/HipHop Yoga).

Why is iTRAIN relevant today?
Over twenty two million American adults own iPods or other MP3 players—undeniably the hottest electronic device of the decade. iTRAIN is a fitness tool that taps this new technology. The cost of a personal trainer is upwards of $75-$100 an hour, making it a prohibitive expense for most Americans. At the same time that the cost of a personal trainer or an elite gym membership is a fiscal obstacle for many, America is experiencing a fitness frenzy; a killer Hollywood physique is on everyone’s wish list. iTRAIN gives users access to experienced personal trainers at an affordable price. Business and pleasure travelers are logging more miles and time away from home. iTRAIN provides a quick and easy way for these travelers to stay fit on the road. Our country is faced with a devastating teen obesity problem; sedentary behavior is contributing to health risks such as diabetes, heightened stress levels, and the like. iTRAIN recognizes this problem and has developed teen-specific programs to combat it.

So how does iTRAIN work?
The iTRAIN roster of audio workouts has been designed to be effective, fun, challenging, and customized to help achieve unique fitness goals. To access iTRAIN, users sign on to the iTRAIN website and download one of three programs: iTRAIN A La Carte Workouts ranging from $.99 to $7.99 (per download according to the indicated price), iTRAIN Monthly Motivator Package for $9.99 per month (five workouts each month), and iTRAIN Resolutions Package for $49.99 per year (three workouts each month for 12 months).

iTRAIN workout programs vary in length from 20 to 60 minutes and can be practiced in the gym, at home, in a hotel room, outdoors, or virtually anywhere. Several programs such as iTread, iClimb, and iCycle require a treadmill, elliptical, climbing wall, or stairmaster, and a bike (stationary, mountain, or road), respectively; others such as iStretch, iStrength, and iSculpt can be enjoyed with simply a yoga mat and free weights.

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According to the US Department of Health and Human Service, American adults 18 and older need at least 30 minutes of physical activity five or more days a week to stay healthy. iTRAIN is a welcome (and cost-effective) new tool for attaining and maintaining a healthy fitness level, providing engaging content and music. Effective, versatile, fun, and most importantly, portable, iTRAIN is poised to help change fitness goals forever.

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