Veretekk Founders Accelerate From Xelr8 To Globalwon!


Missoula, MT -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2005 --, Inc. President Mike Darling (co-founder and chief developer of the Veretekk Automated Marketing SystemTM) announced today that along with Thomas Prendergast (CEO, the creators of Veretekk have made a strategic business decision to halt the growth of their management team in promoting XELR8 TinCanCash in favor of the GlobalWon business opportunity - set to launch Friday, 12/9 at 9am PST.

The Veretekk founders pledge to pay for distributor positions in GlobalWon for each of the 30+ members that joined their core XELR8 business team within the first 5 days of their announcement to join that company. "We simply can't afford to let this one slip by!" commented Mike Darling. "GlobalWon is poised to finally fill the void of a legitimate lotto-style numbers game that's combined with a powerful business opportunity. We have been watching carefully for years in anticipation of a company that could harness the Internet's 2nd largest overall revenue sector (online gaming) and integrate it into an explosive MLM business."

"However, we would never leave a member of our recently formed XERL8 team behind, nor do we expect them to simply absorb the cost of this new direction." Darling continued, "Therefore we will pay for a GlobalWon position for each person out of our own pockets. The opportunity is so much greater with GlobalWon, no one has second guessed this move in the slightest. This will be the biggest splash in the MLM industry since the opportunities during the dot-com boom of the late 1990's!"

GlobalWon has placed Thomas Prendergast and Veretekk as a Master Distributor direct to the company. In addition, Mr. Prendergast has been added to a 5 person advisory committee for the company. Most of the core management group from the Veretekk XELR8 team has already been placed in GlobalWon during the pre launch period last Sunday.

The TinCASHCan TinCanCash self replicating web site and marketing system that was slated to promote XELR8 and be provided to the Veretekk team at no cost will instead be shifted to promote the TriVita opportunity.

Prendergast previously developed a TriVita downline in excess of 35,000 distributors solely utilizing the Veretekk system. will now be made offered to all TriVita distributors, fully integrated with the Veretekk Silver system - all available at no cost. Unlike the traditional product/autoship model used by XELR8, TriVita distributors have the opportunity to purchase new distributors beneath them rather than product. The Veretekk Lead Generation and Automated Marketing SystemTM will be made available to distributors for FREE allowing them to generate a consistent stream of high quality premium leads.

The David D'Arcangelo, the third MLM leader involved with Darling and Prendergast will remain focused on the XELR8 business along with networking leader John Greene who has developed the web site which is planned to be completed and made available for their downline to use for a cost of $29/month.

"We are currently focused on developing a new self replicating marketing system for our GlobalWon team as well as working closely with key leaders to coordinate the announcements forthcoming with the Friday, 12/9 9am PST launch of the company." remarked Darling, "There will be several major announcements in the days to come that will establish our group as the premier business team in GlobalWon!"

For more information about joining Mike Darling and Thomas Prendergast in their GlobalWon team contact Mike at 858-625-8373 x 2