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Take Control of Your Healthcare!


Plattsburgh, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2005 -- Nobody is listening to me!” is a resounding phrase uttered over and over by patients across the country. What happens when you feel like no one is listening to your healthcare concerns? Who will make sure that your healthcare providers and insurance company address your specific needs and give you the care and benefits you deserve? What about your rights as a patient in the healthcare system?

Author and nurse, Deborah L. Ribis, RN, CNLCP has the answers and shares them with us in her new book, Get Back On Your Feet! What Every Injured and Ill Person Needs to Know (Women In Print; ISBN: 0974610917; January 2006; $34.95).

“My goal in writing this book is to be an advocate for everyone who is injured and ill in this country,” says Ribis. “We are such a civilized country, yet we have the most uncivilized, and oftentimes degrading, way of treating some of our injured and ill citizens. In this book you find the answers that will help you take back the control of your healthcare.”

Assemblyman Chris Ortloff, 114th District, New York State Assembly has reviewed the book. “My state legislative office regularly intervenes to assist constituents facing difficulties with the system, including those who are injured or ill, and from my perspective, Deborah Ribis has produced a remarkably useful book. Ms. Ribis has compiled a comprehensive and incredibly detailed guidebook intended most of all to give the patient control over every part of the process,” says Ortloff.

Get Back On Your Feet is an easy to read, comprehensive guide that provides the necessary tools to successfully interact with the healthcare, insurance, legal and rehabilitation industry during illness or injury. The goal of this title is to give all patients the information they need to obtain the maximum benefits afforded to them under each system.

Barbara Zelinski, Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, comments, “With this book the reader will have his own advocate and guide every step of the way.” Jessica Spinelli Sudol, M. Ed., CRC, NCC agrees, “This book is a must-read for consumers, advocates, educators, policy makers, lawyers, and rehabilitation professionals alike.”

Written by a seasoned professional registered nurse with over twenty-three years of experience dealing with the emergency and critical healthcare, workers’ compensation, disability, case management and insurance systems, Get Back On Your Feet is an essential book that takes the patient by the hand and guides him or her through the questions, problems, concerns, and conflicts experienced on the path to recovery.

Ribis shares these tips for managing your healthcare.

1. Know when to seek care and don’t delay seeking medical care – listen to your body. Waiting can be disastrous and cause long term complications.

2. Make sure to notify the appropriate people about your injury or illness (your healthcare advocate, doctors, insurers, employers, attorneys, etc.) to get the maximum coverage and benefit from your insurance. Know what your benefits are, and appeal those that are denied

3. Maintain your own healthcare records (don’t assume anyone else has the information) and educate yourself as much as possible about your injury or illness. Being a smart consumer puts you in control and can increase your chances for a successful outcome.

Get Back On Your Feet is available at local bookstores, online bookstores and from the publisher at WomenInPrint.com.

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