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Dead Body Guy Hits The Internet Ground “Lying?”


Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2005 --You think you’ve see it all? You think nothing surprises you anymore? A new website is about to change all that. is a man from Columbus, OH who admits he has no acting experience, not good looking and really can’t think of anything he does well in the acting profession except one. He can play dead with the best of them!

Dead Body Guy Chuck Lamb says “Age 47 is not really the prime time to begin an acting career and most people would think their dream has passed them by. I have a dream though. All I am asking for is one chance, one role, one time to see my name in the credits. Most movies have a dead body in it these days. Why can’t it be me?”

The website includes poses of him in different positions and you can make request if you like. He also adds a blog and a weekly “rant” where he spouts off about things. It’s actually very funny stuff.

Lamb says “No one is actually being hurt and please don’t try this at home.”

A Top 10 list is also on the site explaining why he should be hired to play a role.

All in all, a MUST SEE to BELIEVE