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nGenuity Solutions Commits to FireFox and Apple Safari Browser Support


nGenuity Solutions Commits to FireFox and Apple Safari Browser Support, President Delivers Browser Compliance Vision

San Deigo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2005 -- In recent years, software and web developers came from one of two camps. You had the open source talking, black clothes wearing, spiky haired type and you have the tie and slacks, monopoly ignoring, and quite complacent corporate lackeys.

When Netscape was at it’s height it was worshipped by the open source guys, and completely ignored by the corporate community. After all a 7-13% showing wasn’t worth paying the high priced geek who wrote the website code even more money.

But times have changed. James O’Kelly, President and Architect of nGenuity Solutions ( has delivered a company-wide mission to make all software and web application work just as well, if not better, in Mozilla’s FireFox and Apple’s Safari Browsers.

“We cannot continue to ignore all of these users who have switched for security reasons. If they do not want to be forced into using Internet Explorer, we should help set them free”, says nGenuity Solutions’ President.

He was proud to report that the company’s flagship product Easy Website Builder is now FireFox and Safari compliant, and was most eager for me to try the demo of the web editor that would have been previously useable only by Internet Explorer users.

And indeed we are seeing a larger push toward writing FireFox and Safari compatible software from software shops and design firms. All it took was FireFox to scare the bean counters just a little bit.

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