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Small Tampa Company Wins Big Accolades in the Training Industry


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2005 -- Every year, HR Executive magazine selects the Top Five Training Products of the Year.

On this year’s list of winners, you’ll find major training industry players whose names you may recognize. And then there’s one – a Tampa-based company – whose name might not ring a bell. At least, not yet.

Solutions House, of Tampa, Florida, is among the recipients of HR Executive’s prestigious distinction. And their winning product? It’s a unique, business simulation called Full Throttle®.

“While Full Throttle employs discovery-learning techniques similar to other business-acumen games by competing vendors, it takes employee engagement a step further than those predecessors.” – HR Executive Magazine.

Donna Burnette, CEO of Solutions House, calls it “a serious business game.” In the program, learners are quickly promoted to Senior Leadership levels of a fictitious motorcycle company called – you guessed it – Full Throttle. “Learners will experience why finance is ‘the language of business,’” Burnette explains. “Most business acumen simulations rely on industrial age business paradigms where value is measured solely through a company’s past financial results. Full Throttle starts there, but adds a peripheral dimension to look at the economic interdependency of all the stakeholders in a supply chain. Then it takes a crucial additional step, and explores a company’s leading indicators for generating future shareholder value (as would any sharp Wall Street analyst). ”

Realizing how dry this subject might sound in description, Burnette adds with a smile “It’s also a ton of fun.”

Business finance? Fun? Apparently they’re on to something. The young, innovative company has entered a marketplace of training Goliaths and found rapid success. The game (excuse us, business simulation) was designed with the sponsorship of Fortune 500 company TechData, the test piloting of a local utility, TECO, and with the subject matter expertise of Butler University’s College of Business. Early customers include The Limited Brands, Caterpillar, Citizens’ Gas & Coke, University of Florida, and TheZenith Insurance. Many of these are recognizing the power of financial and strategic acumen as a core competency in management development.

Not willing to stand still, Solutions House is already busy innovating again with a simpler version targeted to employees at all levels of the organization they’re calling Fast Throttle. Burnette shares that demand has already begun trickling in for the product, which is currently in development.

For further information on Full Throttle, visit or call 1.866.525.2130.