Solutions House

A Tampa Firm Models the “New World of Work.”


(Hint: The Secret is in the Network.)

A few years back, the “internet revolution” promised a whole new way of organizing, as well as the emergence of a virtual organization that could expand and contract on a dime, depending on customer requirements.

Although the revolution fizzled, one Tampa-based consulting and learning company is a model for the remarkable speed and flexibility of the new world of work.

They’re Solutions House, Inc. For Donna Burnette, CEO and co-founder, it’s not about the fancy, panel-lined office or the corporate perks. In her virtual world, it’s all about the network.

“We’ve spent the past 18 months building a business model, a network, and key partnerships” says Burnette. “My guess is few medium-sized companies in our industry (or even big ones) can boast of our network’s skill bank, its responsiveness, or its price/value equation.”

Don’t look for the big corporate headquarters. There is none. Instead, the company principals – who didn’t cut their teeth on the “vendor side” of the equation – operate from their respective home-based work spaces. They like it that way. And so does their rapidly expanding roster of clients including Tech Data, Coca-Cola, Eli-Lilly, and Wal-Mart.

The Solutions House business model is to develop and employ its rich network of experienced business and communications consultants; instructional designers; project managers; and artisans to partner with clients to build powerful and engaging solutions. Due to the depth of the network, they’re able to instantly bring together experienced teams to serve organizations of almost any size.

And, so far, few are able to compete with them on price. Old organizational standbys like “a staff” and “an office” are passe to Solutions House. Free from the overhead that shackles most large consulting firms, Solutions House is able to move with remarkable agility and economy. Drawing on their rock solid network of relationships around the country (mostly folks who are as fiercely loyal to the company as they are their own “free agent” status) they offer “state of the art” learning and communications solutions that put them in the same league as the nation’s top learning companies.

While it will focus on creating custom design solutions for corporate learning, communications, and consulting, Solutions House has tapped its network to develop several new active learning products that will enter the marketplace in 2004… it’s first, Full Throttle, a business board game, has already won “2005 Top Training Product” of the year.

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