Imaginative Pencil

Award-Winning Artist turns to internet for dream!


Morgantown, WV -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2005 -- Award-Winning pencil artist Justin Michael Jenkins recently launched his new wesbite to promote his colorful, whimsical, and unique approach to art.

His style of art combines the approach of Dali, Escher, and Bosch and has become a crowd favorite all over the world in exhibitions and locally in his hometown.

The artist approaches his work in a goal centric fashion, creating collections of twelve drawings based around specific ideas or themes. His latest collections are based around the game of chess, human anatomy, the mind and thought, spirituality, and his most dynamic collection of abstractions.

His approach fuses color, the dissection of form, and he attempts to "grab energy out of the air" and make it evident in his latest works of abstracts. The artist completes about 2 works per week and his size is smaller which allows him to get the detail and also gives him more time to get all his ideas that manifest in his head onto the paper. "My mission is to visually bring to light what we are made up of, how we relate to life around us, and the grand machine that we are all part of and engaged in".

Jenkins has finished best-in-show at the Flushing Artist competition at the St.John Universities Chung Cheng Gallery, was a finalist in the emerging artist competition at Limner Gallery in New York, and a finalist at the Carnegie Hall Art Expo back in 2001.

His works are now being sold on the internet at his website as framed art prints so the whole world has a chance to own one. "I want my works to go beyond just private collectors who just want originals and allow everyone the chance to buy into my ideas and style".

His website is located at