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Distribution ERP Leader PRONTO North America Profiled in Industrial Distribution


Eden Prairie, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/15/2005 -- PRONTO North America is profiled in Industrial Distribution magazine; http://www.manufacturing.net/ind/index.asp?layout=webOnlineSpecialZine&articleid=CA6287989.

PRONTO North America is the leader in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions for both distributors and manufacturers. According to TR Cutler, author of the feature article, "North American manufacturers are becoming distributors because outsourcing the manufacturing function redefines their role and purpose in business. North American distributors are crossing over more frequently and acquiring manufacturing firms as part of their function to control and manage the capacity to deliver product on time to their customers."

These two circumstances are causing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) vendors to reassess their target market, product functionality, and marketing outreach efforts. Most ERP systems are not able to adapt to the specific needs of distributors. While there are certain functional duplications in some areas of manufacturer and distributor operations, there are also several distinctions and differences. Whether due to outsourcing, diversification, company expansion, or simple survival, companies are diversifying their offerings.

PRONTO North America (www.PRONTOERP.com) is the distribution ERP leader: "We see clients expanding into different businesses either by acquisition for growth purposes or internally just to survive due to the amount of manufacturing that is being outsourced to foreign countries."

As more distributors take on manufacturing functions and acquire manufacturing operations to remain competitive, the capacity of their ERP system to function in both environments becomes a central factor in the efficacy of business expansion. Reduce repetitive procedures, so data is entered only once. Less data entry can mean fewer errors Track by serial numbers which allows for comprehensive service records, sales, and profitability.
Most ERP vendors have positioned themselves for a specific manufacturing or distribution application, creating limited market appeal. Just because there is a cross-over occurring in the marketplace does not mean most of these products can achieve the cross-functionality required.

Pronto North America is the North American Master Distributor of PRONTO-Xi™, a comprehensive software system allowing manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to effectively manage all phases of their business. . From PRONTO Production to PRONTO Advanced Warehousing; from PRONTO Planning to PRONTO Quality Management System (QMS); from PRONTO Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) to PRONTO Forecasting Management, the breadth of integrated elements addressed by PRONTO-Xi is unmatched in the marketplace.

PRONTO North America
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