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BusFire.Com Introduces Web Based Investment Research and Analytical Services


BusFire.Com Introduces Web Based Investment Research and Analytical Services

Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2005 -- Business Financial Research Corporation – a newly formed online investment consulting firm, specializes in financial statement research an analysis geared toward individual investors. The recently announced web based analytical reports, which are now available from BusFire.Com, allow an individual investor to get the detailed evaluation of the financial environment of any U.S. publicly traded company. Instantly available financial reports give the investor flexibility and assurance, when engaging in the stock market transactions.

With the steady increase in the number of individuals that are directly or indirectly involved in the stock market transactions, there is a higher percentage of people that are forced to make investment decisions, without the adequate financial skills, education, and understanding of the investment risks. Traditionally, financial consultants, or securities brokers provided most of the investment advice. The high popularity growth of the online securities trading changed everything. It is now a common practice for an individual to do his/her own research without the aid of a professional consultant.

A recent study done by the Harris Interactive survey showed that only 40% of investors use their brokers and consultants as a primary source of investment advice, leading us to conclude that a simple majority of traders (60%) are accustomed to getting their stock recommendations from other sources, that are not certified, or are not proficient at providing these type of services.

Clearly, the financial research done by the non-qualifying individuals is going to lack the level of sophistication, structure, and assurance that is offered by the professional investment consultants. With the introduction of the new web based analytical tools and reports, BusFire.Com is offering individual investors the capability to base their investment decisions on solid factual analysis.

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