Business For Sale Stats: 396 California Small Businesses and Franchises Were Sold Last Week.


San Ramon, California -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2005 -- 396 California businesses were sold by business owners, business brokers, & real estate agents for the week of December 5, 2005 thru December 11, 2005. In Northern California Santa Clara County led business sales with a total of 23 transactions. In Southern California Los Angeles County led with 109 transactions.

Sales of California businesses during this time period by County include: County: 3, Alameda County: 22, Contra Costa County: 19, Fresno County: 13, Imperial County: 1, Kern County: 3, Los Angeles County: 109, Marin County: 1, Orange County: 53, Placer County: 4, Riverside County: 25, Sacramento County: 16, San Bernardino County: 8, San Diego County: 20, San Francisco County: 18, San Joaquin County: 18, San Luis Obispo County: 2, San Mateo County: 9, Santa Barbara County: 7, Santa Clara County: 23, Santa Cruz County: 4, Shasta County: 2, Siskiyou County: 1, Solano County: 3, Sonoma County: 4, Stanislaus County: 6, Yolo County: 2.

According to Peter Siegel, founder of "Sales of small businesses throughout California continue to increase as the fourth quarter comes to a close. This is normal for this time of year since most parties in transactions of small business sales want to wrap up loose ends before the end of the year, especially before the Holiday season gets into full swing." Sales of gas stations, restaurants, and service based businesses tend to be trending higher right now. "Also SBA loans for financing small business purchases is seeing an unusually high level of activity right now, possible due to lenders more aggressive underwriting before year end."

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This Week's Tip For Successfully Selling A Business:

Get The Business You Are Selling Pre-Qualified For Financing

You are probably saying "that is the buyers responsibility to do this!" You couldn't be more wrong. This is a critical step in insuring that possible buyers can get financing in the first place to buy the business. This is highly important, since if a buyer can't get financing from a lending institution that means the owner will have to take back a note, or sell the note after it sells for a discount etc. By doing this step early you will know what some very important options will be for potential business buyers without a lot of time being wasted - and TIME KILLS DEALS! Get this step done before you go to market - go to and get pre-qualified on the sell side before listing your business for sale.

This Week's Tip For Successfully Buying A Business:

Know Where The Down Payment Money Will Come From

Money for a down payment can come from many different sources. The first is cash on hand in savings. Second is pulling equity out of your home. Third is from your retirement funds. Knowing where and what you are willing to do upfront will save you a lot of time in the search process.

California business sales stats are updated weekly by Peter Siegel, MBA. Siegel is the founder and President of both - California Businesses For Sale and - USA Businesses For Sale the country's most active online marketplaces for small business sales. With a degree in Economics and an MBA in Entrepreneurial Studies from UCLA, Siegel is well versed in the fundamentals of small business operations and transactions. As a result of this academic preparation and his extensive, hands-on experience, Siegel is one of the country's foremost experts on the sale of small businesses. His well read blog at on the topic of selling and buying small businesses is viewed by thousands weekly.


Peter Siegel, MBA