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Doron’s driver training simulators to be used in New Jersey’s Clay County School District


Binghamton, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2005 -- Doron Precision Systems, Inc. announced today the delivery and installation of a six (6) unit driver training system for Cape May County Schools for Special Services, New Jersey.

The School for Special Services is a community based educational center providing innovative services to students with moderate and severe needs. The multi-position system will help Cape May County Schools towards enhancing traffic safety training by developing driving skills among high school students. School officials are very positive about the training value delivered by the simulator.

The driving simulation system consists of six (6) units of Doron’s 400 Series driving simulators. Each simulator is equipped with Doron’s Driver Analyzer, which, among other features, allows instructors to show students the adverse effects of alcohol on their ability to stop a vehicle. The system enables an instructor to train upto six students at the same time resulting in cost and training efficiencies.

Doron’s 400 Series car simulator is the preferred simulator among high school driver educators. The training curriculum has been developed in close collaboration with industry experts with accompanying undistorted true-to-life images. It includes applications for testing drivers and for demonstrating the impact of a variety of driving conditions. The 400 series system also helps lowering training costs through lower fuel, maintenance and insurance costs, while reducing the number of vehicles needed for training.

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