Ten Commandments Commission

National Religious Broadcasters join Ten Commandments Day effort


Stonyford, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2005 -- It’s been a busy week for the Ten Commandments Commission, the nationwide grassroots group working to reconnect the American people to their Judeo-Christian roots.

On December 20th the Ten Commandment’s Commission’s founder and CEO Ron Wexler and Commission spokesman Dr. Charles Phillips were guests on the Daystar Television Network’s popular “Celebration” broadcast from Dallas, Texas.

“Celebration’s hosts Marcus and Joni Lamb gave us a very warm welcome,” said Wexler, “and really helped us get the message out about what the Ten Commandments Commission is doing. They helped us promote the upcoming national Ten Commandments Day celebration, as well as the universal symbol of this grassroots effort, the Ten Commandments Pin.”

In addition, Wexler said, the Ten Commandments Commission has received an important endorsement from the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), the nation’s largest group representing television and radio stations, as well as national media-based ministries. “NRB has really gotten behind our efforts to help America return to a respect for God’s law and righteousness,” said Wexler. “We’re excited to see the fruit this wonderful partnership will bear.”

Wexler also acknowledged the endorsement the Commission has received from the Ten Commandments News (10commandments.biz), a website clearinghouse on the issue of the Ten Commandments and traditional values in American society. “We’re grateful to the folks at the Ten Commandments News for their concern about this crucial issue and for helping us alert and inform the American people,” said Wexler.

And on December 20th the Ten Commandments Commission added its name to a request by many national ministries and leaders asking the U.S. Congress to pass the proposed Constitution Restoration Act of 2005. “This important piece of legislation would make into law what so many secular groups have tried to deny us as Americans,” explained Wexler. “It would allow the Ten Commandments to be proudly displayed in public places across this nation.”

Wexler said such a step is particularly important now. “Right now there is such an aggressive attempt to dismiss expressions of faith in God from public places,” he said. “And with traditional values being denigrated on a daily basis in our culture, our nation desperately needs a return to reverence for the Ten Commandments and godly values.”

The Ten Commandments Commission was founded for that purpose, said Wexler. “Our whole emphasis is to facilitate a return in this nation of reverence for the Ten Commandments and the Judeo-Christian values this nation was founded upon,” he said. “Through the symbol of our Ten Commandments Pin, as well as through the special February 5th Ten Commandments Day observance that will happen in churches and communities all across America, we feel confident we can re-establish a culture of respect and reverence for God and His precepts in America.”

For more information on the Ten Commandments Commission and the February 5th Ten Commandments Day celebration, visit www.tencommandmentsday.com, or email them at info@tencommandmentsday.com