Get Past Your Past LLC

Get Past Your Past Returns to New York City


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/30/2005 -- Get Past Your Past LLC (GPYP) announced today that it is now offering 4 and 8 hour seminars to help people who feel stuck in their past and want to get beyond it and become successful. The company states that their program is for anyone who wants to change their job, their relationship or their entire life.

GPYP's founder, Susan Elliott tells her story to new students and seminar attendees. Elliott began life as a foster child in the Bronx and was, she says "born into one crazy family and then raised by another crazy family." Her disadvantaged past included abuse, abandonment, self-destruction and pain. For years she suffered from low self-worth and thought herself a loser and doormat for abusive people. But through hard work and determination, she pulled herself up out of chaos and misery to become a successful attorney who has gone to the best schools. Prior to becoming a lawyer, she was a therapist, a motivational speaker and a writer. Most of all, she is someone who has overcome her past on every level and made all her dreams come true.

For the past 19 years people have been mesmerized by her story of overcoming such a destructive past to become so successful. Because repeating her story seems to be a constant theme, she recently returned to motivational speaking and teaching so that she could pass on what she's learned over the past 19 years.

Even though she is a successful attorney with a busy law practice, she derives great satisfaction from helping others transform their lives. She says, "Many of my students are people going through a divorce or coming off a bad breakup and feeling lost and confused. The catalyst for my change was a divorce so I really understand it. Many people are hurting and thinking there is no way out. My message is that there is a way out. If I can change my entire life, anyone can! To me, getting this message out is the most important thing I can do in my life."

Right now GPYP is offering an introductory course through the Learning Annex but also offers 8 hour workshops and seminars in New York and Boston for February, March and April. In addition, Elliott will be publishing the book How To Get Past Your Past and Make Your Dreams Come True as well as an autobiography. GPYP offers seminars, workshops and classes in New York and Boston with plans to expand to the midwest and west coast in 2006.