Omega-Orion Enterprises, Ltd. Co.

Omega-Orion Enterprises Offers new business class satellite Internet Service


Liberty Hill, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/3/2006 -- Omega-Orion Enterprises, Ltd. Co., ( a leading satellite service provider for small to medium businesses, has announced the launch of its new, high-availability satellite services for customers. The company has unveiled yet another solution in its already strong portfolio with the latest technology. The Omega-Orion service offering delivers the next generation services compared to StarBand and Direcway for speeds and contention for a fraction of the price. Bandwidth far surpasses that of existing satellite Internet services available in North America.

This new service will be using the DOCSIS protocol, which is used today by cable companies for cable and DSL modems, that can easily support Voice Over IP (VoIP) as well as VPN connections. The latency is low which enables providers to accomplish better quality of service on the satellite network. The service does not have download limits like its competitors. This is seen as a huge advantage in the industry.

"This is a great service that we are happy to provide to our customers," says Elizabeth Herbst, COO of Omega-Orion Enterprises. "Many people are concerned about yet another satellite Internet service that will fall short on its bandwidth and service levels. We know that this is a service that will astonish rather then disappoint."

About Omega-Orion Enterprises
Omega-Orion Enterprises, Ltd. Co. is an Austin based Broadband Services Provider (BSP) delivering world-wide affordable solutions that deliver voice, video and data connectivity to mobile users via Metro WIFI solutions as well as satellite Internet terminals.

It has also developed a nationwide network of technology companies to represent sales, installation, fulfillment and warranty support.

For more information on the product, or to order online, visit or call 866-697-9566.