Dynasty Books

New Novel Gives History a Prophetic Future


Pleasant Grove, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/4/2006 -- My Son David by RM spotlights a family of Davidic lineage who become the caretakers of a priceless heirloom. Legends persist about the final heir, placing certain expectations on those who precede him. John Gordon, the current heir living in San Francisco, must also balance the varied experiences of his Jewish forebears with the multi-cultural society and contemporary issues faced by his children.

"My husband awoke with a story-format dream," says the wife of My Son David's partnered authorship. "I knew we had to write it down. Years of study and extensive research followed. The lovely night phantom is now a colorful, moving entity." The color continues in the artwork provided by the authors' son Adam. Two prints relevant to the story are included in the book and can also be viewed on the publisher's website.

Dynasty Books is a new company dedicated to publishing fine literature about the varied branches of Abraham's family tree, and to promoting peace among those descendants. My Son David is the company's Book of the Year. Further information about the book--including sample chapters, contact links, and purchasing particulars--may be obtained by visiting:www.dynastybooks.org.