The Wealth Creation Team

Veretekk & The Wealth Creation Team Offer Powerful Free Business Building System For GlobalWon Business Opportunity


Greensboro, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/6/2006 -- Monty Winters (CEO, The Wealth Creation Team) announced today that he will join forces with Mike Darling (President, and Thomas Prendergast (CEO,, co-founders and creators of the Veretekk Automated Marketing SystemTM, in launching and activating a powerful, self-replicating business building system at specifically designed to promote the GlobalWon business opportunity, and available to anyone for FREE.

"GlobalWon is poised to become the biggest game on the planet," stated Winters. "$635 billion a year is spent on gaming, over $190 billion of which is on lottos. The on-line gaming industry is growing at over 15% a year and will double in volume to $24 billion by 2010. For the first time ever, the excitement and popularity of lotto-style numbers games, and the proven, high-income potential of network marketing commission plans have been fused together to create the ultimate deal."

"For almost 10 years we have focused exclusively on developing and refining the Veretekk system," says company co-founder, Mike Darling. "The system has now fully matured, allowing us to begin deploying virulent business systems that target specific opportunities. The GlobalWon business building system is 100% integrated with Veretekk which allows the distributor complete access to the full range of marketing technologies it provides. As a result the average person can now receive large ongoing volumes of fresh, high quality leads to build their business. The fact that we are offering both the system and Veretekk for free makes the entire package extremely contagious and easily duplicated by downlines."

The system comes complete with integrated links to the distributor's GlobalWon affiliate site, educational content on the MLM industry, a public bulletin board system, a live VoIP conference room, and event calendar. Each distributor is given administrative access to all of the tools in order to directly manage and control the growth of their group. Through the integration with Veretekk, users also have the ability to customize virtually every aspect of their site including title and meta tags, hyperlinks, photo upload, and personalized text. The free Veretekk system also enables the user to easily promote their system to over 2 billion web sites, create individualized PDF marketing materials, and dynamically control where they wish to build within their GlobalWon downline.

"We have already activated the entire system for our core team," stated Darling, "It is now available for use by their entire downlines as well as any other GlobalWon distributor who wishes to use it. We are proud to have delivered such a powerful system for the benefit of the little guy, and equally excited to be able to offer it for free. We are truly humbled by the response and gratitude that has been returned."

"What GlobalWon has done is create a powerful new concept that allows players to satisfy two ambitions at once," says Winters. "GlobalWon allows you to earn a lot of money , for referring other players, while you win money by playing the GlobalWon game. As part of our team you will have two things that will guarantee your success, (1) an unlimited, renewable supply of premium leads and (2) enormous upline support and management."

For more information about The GlobalWon Team's effort to build the largest GlobalWon business in existence, or to join go to, or call Monty Winters at 336-689-1403.