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Manufacturing Optimism Very Strong in Tampa Bay According to TR Cutler, Inc.


Ft. Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2006 -- Every two years the Manufacturing Marketing firm, TR Cutler, Inc. ( conducts a national survey about the optimism of manufacturers throughout the U.S. When last conducted, November 2003, the manufacturing sector was coming out of a long-term slump. Indeed the economy of the manufacturing sector has improved drastically in the past two years. Among the 2429 privately-held manufacturers surveyed, optimism was stronger in almost all geographic sectors, with few exceptions. The most optimist geographic regions are:

With a rating of >70% saying 2006 will be better or much better than 2005

Louisville (77.1%)
Dayton (76.9%)
Dallas (76.3%)
Cleveland (76.1%)
Milwaukee (75.2%)
Kansas City (75.0%)
Atlanta (74.1%)
Nashville (73.6%)
Memphis (73.1%)
Tampa (72.2%)
Charlotte (71.8%)
Cincinnati (71.6%)
Chicago (71.4%)
Orlando (71.2%)
San Antonio (70.8%)

The Tampa Bay Business Journal reported the survey results at:

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