Puromexicano.com Launches to Promote Mexican Products


Nogales, Az -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2006 -- Mexican natives currently residing in the United States finally have an outlet for finding made-in-Mexico gifts. Puromexicano.com, a new Web site dedicated to providing the Hispanic community with the best Mexican goods, officially launched on Nov. 19.

The Spanish Web site will provide its visitors with a guide of many hard-to-find Mexican products, including Mexican furniture, Mexican food, Mexican candy, Mexican handcrafts, music, clothes and silver jewelry.

Puromexico.com also welcomes businesses that want to reach the Hispanic market, which is rapidly growing and shopping online more frequently. The site includes a business opportunity directory to help Mexican entrepreneurs living in the United States.

"It's good to make business with our people," said Manuel Ramirez, one of the site's founders. "The directory was established to invite Mexican people in the United States to do business with Mexican companies that want to reach the U.S. market and promote their products there."

Ramirez and David Laredo, the Web entrepreneurs who built Agendahispana.com, created Puromexico.com when they realized that Spanish-speaking consumers did not have an online guide available to help them find Mexican products. The idea when Laredo, who -- like many Mexicans living in the United States -- was searching for Mexican-made presents on the Internet for his friends and family.

"It's hard to find Mexican products on the Internet -- I had to surf through dozens of sites to find what I was looking for," Laredo said. "When we discovered this opportunity, we decided to build a Web site to fill this niche."

Puromexicano.com is the first of Agendahispana.com's Web sites that focuses on the Mexican culture and Spanish-speaking people living in the United States. Ramirez and Laredo plan to continue building Web sites for the Hispanic community.

"There's a lot of economic power in the Hispanic market, and we know how to talk to this market in their same language since we both are Mexican natives," Ramirez said. "Most people search the Internet in their native languages, and until now, there's been no place that includes all Mexican products and services in a language they understand."