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New software to simplify voting on American Idol


Niwot, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/5/2006 -- When the 5th season of American Idol hits the airwaves, will it be harder for you to decide which contestant should get your nod in this vote-in Reality Show? Now you will be able to use new software to help you decide, and then even make the actual phone call(s) for you.

With the TalentVoterTM program, you will be able to score your opinions of the performers in up to six programmable characteristics, such as voice, looks, and performance quality. TalentVoter adds the results, showing you which performers scored highest, for the current and previous shows. You can even enable TalentVoter to vote for both! The program makes the calls at the same rate as a telephone, redialing automatically for as long as you specify; thus freeing you from continuously hitting the redial button.

Asked about the benefits of the program, the developer, Sam Northington said, “One of the main benefits is that the user can score the performers in any area they wish, and get very sophisticated, by assigning weights to each characteristic, so that the total score reflects which characteristics are most important to them.”

The program can even be used to maintain scoring for multiple shows, and comes preset with the numbers of several shows, such as: “American Idol”, “Nashville Star”, and others. For shows where voting is not by telephone, or if users don’t have a dialup Modem, the program is still useful to track preferences, and then vote manually.

Additionally, with the programmable voting traits, TalentVoter can track the complexities for other popular Reality Shows, such as "The Apprentice", and "Survivor", where voting is not part of the attraction.

The TalentVoter software works on any computer running Windows98 or newer, and can be shared by multiple people using the same computer, with each having their own set of stored results.

The program is available on CD, for immediate delivery, and can be ordered from, for $24.95 +S&H.

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