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After Getting Past Her Past, She Teaches Others To Do The Same


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2006 -- For years, Susan Elliott's powerful story of overcoming a disadvantaged past to find happiness and success has mesmerized and inspired many who have encouraged her to write about it, to speak about it, and to teach her method of success to others. Although she is a busy lawyer with a demanding law practice, she is finally bringing her blueprint for success to a series of workshop and seminars in New York and Boston.

Elliott began life as a foster child in the Bronx. She thought of herself as a “castoff” and a doormat for abusive people. She struggled with her poor self-image and lack of role models, winding up in a series of increasingly destructive and dangerous situations.

In her late 20s, she ended a bad relationship with no job and three small children to care for. She was frightened with little or no resources and she says she felt like the world's biggest loser. However she knew that somehow she needed to get her act together for her kids. She threw herself into finding people to talk to, books to read, courses to take and began the long and difficult climb to a new and better life.

Through hard work, perseverance and determination, she pulled herself out of chaos and misery eventually becoming a therapist, a motivational speaker, a writer and an attorney. Despite her accolades and accomplishments, she defines herself, most of all, as someone who has gotten past her past on every level and made all her dreams come true and now teaches others to do the same.

A dynamic and commanding speaker, Elliott derives great satisfaction from helping others transform their lives. She explains, “Many of my students are people coming off a bad breakup, or in a place in their lives where they're just frustrated that things aren't happening for them. They are afraid they are stuck.” Hearing Elliott's message of hope helps them to move forward. She stresses that if she can change her life, anyone can.

So why does a busy, successful lawyer spend time teaching these workshops? “I love my law practice and it requires most of my energy,” she says, “but I can't pretend my old life didn't exist. I have to give back because people were there for me when I needed help. Without them, I wouldn't have survived, so now I feel I have to be there for others. Getting this message out is the most important thing I can do in my life.” Her students agree. They report feeling uplifted, positive, and full of hope after leaving one of her seminars or workshops.

Right now GPYP is offering an introductory two-hour course through the Learning Annex in New York City on January 24th and several longer workshops in New York and Boston.

In addition, Elliott is writing a self-help book, “How to Get Past Your Past and Make Your Dreams Come True” as well as her autobiography that details her struggle and amazing triumph.