FeedMail Now!

New RSS Service Seeks to Replace Email


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/9/2006 -- FeedMail Now!™, a new online service, was launched today at http://www.feedmailnow.com. With FeedMail Now!, users can communicate with friends and co-workers through RSS feeds. FeedMail Now! turns an RSS feed reader into an electronic mailbox. Users of the service can send and receive feedmail messages without the fear of spam or phishing.

Shannon Whitley, an open source developer and author of the software that powers the FeedMail Now! service, commented on the likelihood that RSS will replace email. "FeedMail Now! is not an attempt to replace all email, but RSS messages will absolutely replace some of the current email traffic. It may take time, but there are some clear instances where feedmail is superior to email. FeedMail Now! offers a great alternative to individuals who are tired of receiving spam. It's also great for businesses, replacing email for things like workflow notifications and team or small-group communications. With built-in, specialized web services for PeopleSoft, and standard web services for other enterprise systems, FeedMail Now! can improve a company's business processes."

When pressed further about the email vs. feedmail controversy, Shannon elaborated on the advantages of feedmail. "Feedmail messages aren't pushed at you like email. You subscribe to messages and retrieve them from a web server. It's just like using a web browser on the internet. Because sending feedmail is like a web transaction and you receive immediate feedback from the server, there's no wondering whether your message was received or not. Additionally, feedmail addresses cannot be easily discovered and are more private than email addresses. Spammers can't clog your inbox and you won't receive phishing messages. You can also use your favorite web feed reader to receive both web feeds and feedmail messages, making feedmail more convenient for bloggers and avid readers of web feeds."

The FeedMail Now! service is available by subscription at http://www.feedmailnow.com.