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Google Advertiser’s see greater success with better headlines


Las Rambles, Alicante, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2006 -- With so much competition these days, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to stay ahead of the game. It can also prove a costly exercise. And with so many advertiser’s using Google Adwords to promote their products, the future may be dim for those who lack adequate marketing skills.

A great example of this, is with the many smaller businesses who use Google’s fantastic service as a means of lower budget advertising. All the advertiser has to do is place a maximum bid on a click through, type in some relevant keywords, and then type in the Advert itself.

“That’s where it can go wrong for many individuals. Many of them lack any formal copywriting experience - which is essential if they need better response rates.” says Terry Simons, Senior Copywriter with Fast Results Copywriting.

Although quite often or not, it can be as little as tweaking the existing headline. Fast Results Copywriting make some classic examples of this on their website.

“If you rewrite the Ad, using even basic copywriting skills, you can expect a better return on your advertising investment,” he adds.
Yet for many, this may seem an up hill task, as we want quick success, now! However, it is still certain that for the good foreseeable future, advertising your business on Google’s Adwords is still a very profitable route to market.

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