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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2006 -- EnergizeTV's low cost video conference system, called LIVE!™, is getting rave reviews. Home business entrepreneurs love showcasing their products and services globally, using the system. Network marketing organizations worldwide are using LIVE!™, which easily integrates into existing business tools such as e-mail, blogs, e-zines and web sites.

Small businesses have traditionally been unable to benefit from video conferencing due to the high cost. Some web conferencing firms charge $4500 for a 1-hour, 150 person video conference, but EnergizeTV's Flash-based technology allows it to offer a similar video conferencing system, on a 24/7 basis, for an annual fee of $720.

EnergizeTV's very affordable LIVE!™ System offers these benefits:

· Business Growth - Entrepreneurs can quickly communicate with their target audience. By supplying instant answers to online queries, client base and sales rates increase dramatically.

· Team Building - Face-to-face communication is absolutely critical to team building. There is no better way for a world-wide team to network and share strategies than via a web conference. By providing a value-laden benefit-rich experience, marketing teams quickly develop camaraderie, loyalty and stability. Video meetings can be experienced LIVE!™, and easily be archived for later viewing.

· Customer Service - Sharing knowledge and expertise with a community is important. Nothing builds rapport or conveys information better than LIVE!™ video. Customers appreciate being able to talk to, and see, a company representative when they need to resolve an issue. Video conferencing is a great way to add that 'personal touch' to a customer service environment.

The LIVE!™ Suite includes a “Video Recorder” (10 hour archive of streaming video) and two video conference rooms: a 50-person “Meeting Room” and a 150-person “Presentation Room” for interactive slide presentations.

Television has always been the best way to build rapport or show a product/service to its best advantage. Entrepreneurs realize this. They're using their video contacts to develop long lasting relationships. Face-to-face communication via web conference is a 'secret' to business growth.

Lee Matthews, president of EnergizeTV, stated: “LIVE!™ gives an organization tremendous flexibility in introducing its products and services to the world. Distance and time-zones often impede face-to-face contact - the LIVE!™ Presentation Room absolutely strengthens global marketing efforts. Marketing campaigns and team building efforts that use LIVE!™ have proven to be remarkably effective.”

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EnergizeTV provides web-based video conference systems and streaming video to entrepreneurs who wish to use word-of-mouth marketing to introduce their products & services globally.

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