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nGenuity Solutions Releases Small Business Toolbox, Free Easy Website Builder Software


Westmorland, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2006 -- In a bold move to become the technology arm of small businesses everywhere, nGenuity Solutions has made it’s flagship product, the Easy Website Builder, free to anyone who wants to have a content-rich, professional looking website, without resorting to hiring the “kid down the street,” or high priced technology savvy geeks and analysts.

They have also opened the doors to the previously pay-for-use section, the small business toolbox, which features over 30 original articles and industry specific how-to guides geared towards empowering traditionally low-tech small businesses in a world where the deep pocket corporations have had the upper hand.

“Until now Content Management Systems have typically cost thousands of dollars and require programmers and designers to be of much use”, says Christine Harrell, the company’s VP. “With Easy Website Builder, even the casual internet user can build a professional looking website and sell products and services without a steep learning curve.”

Typically a non-technology small business can be spotted a mile away when viewing their website. “The content is generally stale and the designs can be blinding”, says James O’Kelly, President of nGenuity and a veteran of the technology arena. “Our goal was originally to produce a product that allowed the business owner to have complete control over their website, making changes as needed, quickly and easily. Now we have made it free so even the most budget constrained can take advantage of the billions of internet users looking for information and products to suit their needs.”

Free products and services are not a new thing to the internet, but generally that means that either the functionality is limited or the user is overrun with flashy advertisements that are rarely targeted to the audience. In contrast the Easy Website Builder serves ads to the administrator of the website, not the potential customers who are turned off by intrusive advertising.

nGenuity Solutions ( is a developer of content management web tools for small business and an avid advocate for small business success.