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Karpero, Finland -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2006 -- There may be more to yoga than just what you see on the surface. Michael Hawkins has just released a book, Yoga Basics Plus, that can give exactly what you have been eagerly looking for in yoga and more. It is available for purchase at at a special introductory price.

Yoga Basics Plus is everything the interested yoga beginner needs. It serves as the ultimate guide to people who want to be fit and for people who want results, good results. The book is certainly a big help for those who want to get in good shape, to lose weight, and to have a more holistic being in days!

The Yoga Basics Plus is no ordinary book. It covers everything that has to be known about yoga. It is the ultimate guide for those who are merely starting out. It is an informational reference for those who are investigating the many possibilities with yoga. It will be very tough to say no to this. Imagine the possibility to master well this system of Hindu philosophy. Think also of the bodily control that can be achieved as well the principles that can be learned.

For beginners, the book will provide the central and essential elements of yoga in a way that will be simple to study and comprehend. It will help broaden the understanding to the many aspects of yoga unknown to you before. It will also clear misconceptions. It will provide a sneak into the secrets of yoga experts. It lays down facts, tips and benefits of doing yoga. There are even guidelines in choosing the right yoga instructor. These absolutely are the makes of a good find.

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