Executive Excellence

Executive Excellence Introduces Online Instant Consultant: A 20-year leadership archive compiled into one searchable database.


Provo, Utah -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2006 -- Executive Excellence, a global leadership development firm, announced today the introduction of Instant Consultant, an online searchable database that contains a 20-year archive of more than 3,000 articles from the top trainers, coaches, and experts in the world.

“There isn’t a better product on the market. Most successful Fortune 100 executives receive quality coaching advice from top experts, and now our clients can have instant, ‘any time, anywhere’ access to the best and brightest consultants in management and leadership. For the next two weeks, we're letting everyone experience Instant Consultant for free. ” said Ken Shelton, CEO, Executive Excellence.

Instant Consultant offers access to more than 100 articles on leadership and personal development from Stephen Covey, the latest on leadership from Jim Collins, and several thousand articles from thought leaders; such as Peter Drucker, Warren Bennis, Tom Peters, Peter Senge, Marshall Goldsmith, and many more.

The Instant Consultant allows users to:

· Address challenges and solve problems at work
· Engage in self-directed learning and professional growth
· Develop other people and leaders, serving as an internal or external consultant, coach, mentor or trainer
· Create or improve a leadership or management development program

The Instant Consultant also includes a Leadership Guide, which outlines the best ways to use the Instant Consultant to help develop personal and professional leadership; Excellence-in-Action Guide, which captures an article's main idea, or ideas, and helps individuals apply these ideas and insights to their life and work; Article Worksheet, a tool used to help individuals find insights that apply directly to their lives, their team members, and also contains a sheet to set personal and team goals; Personal Excellence Plan, which allows individuals to create a personal vision and mission, identify priorities, and set SMART goals in those areas of life that matter most to them; Monthly Goal Sheet, which allows individuals to set monthly SMART goals for their companies in the seven dimensions of leadership excellence; and a Performance Team Sheet, which allows individuals to read an article to identify ideas that apply directly to their team and set goals with their corporate mission, vision, and values in mind.

Visit www.Leaderexcel.com or call (801) 375-4060 to access the online database. Call today for a free two- week trial version. Upgrades for the 18-year Instant Consultant CD to the new 20-year Instant Consultant CD will be offered at a special upgrade pricing.

“By making the best use of this product, individuals will receive an exponential return on their modest investment in excellence. In fact, with this product, they will have the power to change their life and make a difference in the world. Once they have the online Instant Consultant, I am certain they will access it on a regular basis to promote growth, learning, progress, and positive change ” Shelton said.