Pro-Environment, Non-Profit Groups Embrace LIVE!™ Video Conferencing.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2006 -- Since 2000, the price of video conferencing has dropped so much that environmentally conscious non-profit organizations (NPOs) are now consistantly using web-based desktop conferencing for their global communication and coordination needs. EnergizeTV, which recently introduced its bargain priced, Flash-based, LIVE!™ group video conferencing product is helping these groups lead the charge in their adoption of 'green' business practices.

As financial, environmental and security concerns heighten, group videoconferencing is becoming very attractive. Although global economic growth is expected, NPO funding is always uncertain and cost-reduction efforts are the norm. In addition, environmental and work force security concerns means that NPOs are increasingly curtailing travel to certain destinations at certain times - to reduce costs, some are even requiring confirmation that video conferencing is not a viable alternative to travel.

NPOs have traditionally been unable to benefit from group video conferencing due to the high cost. Some web conferencing firms charge $4500 for a 1-hour, 150 person video conference, but EnergizeTV's Flash-based technology allows it to offer a similar system, on a 24/7 basis, for a monthly fee of $60.

NPOs are using the Internet and LIVE!™ to communicate with their supporters, clients, suppliers, donors and off-site workers. The product's ease-of-use and affordability makes the decision to incorporate LIVE!™ an easy one. LIVE!™ allows users to instantly establish a group videoconference, directly from their desktops, using inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware. LIVE!™ supports up to 150 participants per meeting; two video images can be displayed concurrently.

Video conference calls can be convened at a moment's notice, using an automated system that requires no operator intervention.The financial benefits are significant. With the LIVE!™ system, group videoconferencing rates are cut by 90% and setup fees for each call are eliminated, thanks to the automated nature of the service.

The LIVE!™ Suite includes a “Video Recorder” (10 hour archive of streaming video) and two video conference rooms: a 50-person “Meeting Room” and a 150-person “Presentation Room” for interactive slide presentations (www.energizetv.info).

Lee Matthews, president of EnergizeTV, stated: “LIVE!™ gives any organization tremendous flexibility in communicating and networking with its global community. Fund raising campaigns and team building or coordinating efforts that use LIVE!™ have proven to be remarkably effective.”

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EnergizeTV, founded in 2005, provides web-based video conference systems and streaming video to entrepreneurs, businesses and non-profit organizations who wish to introduce their products or services to the global community.

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