Lets-Travel-Rome.com Adds Worldwide Flight Booking Facility From Travelocity.


Southsea, Hampshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2006 -- Lets-Travel-Rome.com has just added a worldwide flight search database to its already impressive arsenal of products, through partners Travelocity. Now users of the site can get real time flight comparisons from any major departure point into Rome, and book online instantly.

CEO Les Sheppard says "Having mapped our current client database, I recognised that we are building up a worldwide subscriber list that needs to have easy access to the widest range of flight alternatives." He added, "With an even wider selection of airlines now including Rome on their routing, this is a great chance for us to provide an even better service, and Travelocity are a tremendous partner to have onboard."

The live feeds can be checked out on http://www.lets-travel-rome.com/travelocity

Travelocity have also updated their advice for airport check-in procedures, ahead of the new season.

With tighter security measures in place this holiday season, it's important to prepare for air travel with good judgment and caution. Start out by examining everything you normally pack in your suitcase. Expect that your bag will be opened for inspection, so evaluate whether an object could be scrutinized by airport security. Pack efficiently, avoid over-packing and make sure that each suitcase has an up-to-date nametag securely affixed to it.

Check-in Procedures • Be sure to have available a government-issued ID (federal, state, or local) and be prepared to show ID at the ticket counter and the boarding gate, with a boarding pass.
• Curbside check-in is available on an airline-by-airline basis, so contact the airline prior to arriving at the airport to see if it's available. E-ticket travelers also need to confirm with their airline to ensure they have all appropriate documentation. • Only ticketed passengers can go beyond security checkpoints. However, exceptions can be made for traveling minors and those needing assistance. • Electronic items (i.e. laptops and cell phones) are subject to additional screening, so be prepared to remove these items to be X-rayed separately. Baggage Restrictions • Keep in mind that until further notice, passengers are restricted to one carry-on bag and one "personal bag" that could be a purse, laptop or briefcase. Bags may be subject to further screening at the gate.
• Take into account that you can only check two bags. Airlines have started enforcing rules with a hefty price for extra luggage and for bags that are either too big or heavy. Contact your airline because fees and restrictions vary by carrier.
• If you have a medical condition that requires you to carry syringes, be sure to keep your medicine with you as well (a good idea in any case). The medicine must be in its original container with a professionally printed pharmacy label.

Other Check-in Tips • Think about what you wear to the airport. You might be asked to remove your shoes, so try to wear a pair that slips on without laces or straps. It's also common to have to remove hats and belts.