Conferencing Boosts Business Productivity and Profitability.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2006 -- Previously, only large corporations could afford group video conferencing. But the recent release of EnergizeTV's LIVE!™ product has made it possible for a broad range of organizations and businesses to take advantage of this technology - in doing so, they've dramatically improved their bottom lines.

Small businesses have traditionally been unable to benefit from group video conferencing due to the high cost. Some web conferencing firms charge $4500 for a 1-hour, 150 person video conference, but EnergizeTV's Flash-based technology allows it to offer a similar system, on a 24/7 basis, for a $60 monthly fee.

Businesses and entrepreneurs are using low cost LIVE! video conferences for such tasks as real-time communications, distance training, client or product seminars and employee e-learning initiatives.

Companies using this bargain-priced desktop video conferencing system receive tangible benefits. LIVE!™ group video conferencing is more than a technology - it's a strategic communications tool:
· More people can contribute special expertise, making decisions and strategies more diverse and comprehensive.
· Executives can meet with multiple clients in one day with the added benefit of travel cost savings and increased productivity.
· Seeing the people with whom you are talking enhances collaboration.

Organizations using LIVE!™ are viewed as efficient, techno-savvy entities. Web-based group video conferencing not only offers cost savings, it also increases operational efficiency:
· Communication between remote sites, partners, suppliers and customers improves.
· Pressure, stress and fatigue from travel is reduced.
· Shorter project development time brings products to market faster.
· Video meeting participants are more attentive - meeting sessions are shorter.
· Face-to-face contact enhances situational awareness and speeds problem resolution.
· Important or congratulatory messages broadcast company-wide motivate staff.
· Opportunities can be seized within a narrow time frame.

The LIVE!™ Suite includes a “Video Recorder” (10 hour archive of streaming video) and two video conference rooms: a 50-person “Meeting Room” and a 150-person “Presentation Room” for interactive slide presentations (www.energizetv.info).

Lee Matthews, president of EnergizeTV, stated: "You can't beat a face to face meeting - video conferencing is a great way of complementing travel, a great way of getting a message across and rapidly completing a decision-making process."

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EnergizeTV, founded in 2005, provides web-based group video conference systems and streaming video to entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations who wish to efficiently introduce their products or services to the global community.

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