The Road to Help

Jennifer Houser, A 17 Year-Old Student, Markets 3 Websites In An Effort To Help Victims Of Katrina And Cancer.


San Jose, ca -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2006 -- Jennifer Houser, a 17 year-old student, launches 3 pixel advertising websites in an effort to help victims of Katrina and cancer. Webmasters, website owners, and merchants can advertise on all 3 websites, for at least 5 years, for a one-time charge of only $0.35/per pixel. Two websites can be also chosen for a one-time charge of just $0.42½ / per pixel. Jenni plans on donating $200,000.00 to victims of Katrina and to the American Cancer Society.

According to Jenni, “So many people are victimized everyday and having gone through the sudden death of my grandfather, as well as becoming a victim of foreclosure, I feel that by donating money that we earn here is not only a good deed, but also something that, I feel, is expected of myself. We, my family and I, want to do anything we can to help those people who have or are going through hard times. Hands down, no questions asked.”

Jenni continued, “My personal goal is to donate $200,000.00 to the local charities…and help my parents save our home. If possible, I’d like to be able to use some of this money to help pay for my college... I'm hoping, with all my heart, that you'll decide to join us and buy pixels. I mean, why wouldn't you? It's a great way for you advertise your company or business!”

When asked about how she came up with the idea of 3 websites, Jenni replied, "My mom is actually the brains behind both the marketing, the web site creation, and the idea of the three web sites. Without her, none of this would be possible."

Jenni's webmaster, her mom, added, "We’ve implemented a discount plan so that if a customer chooses to advertise on 2 sites a 15% discount is applied. If a customer chooses all 3 sites, then a 30% discount is applied in which case they only pay $0.35 per site. What’s important about our discount structure is that these discounts are applied to same number of blocks purchased across all sites, so a customer’s best ROI is to purchase on all 3 sites. What this does is allow a customer to submit different logos and even different sized logos, providing increased marketability and reduced investment. Also important is the fact that by allowing our customers to submit different sizes and change their logo(s) at any time, a customer can track critical marketing statistics based on their type of logo, size, and image and how that impacts their traffic and purchases of their products and/or services. Customers are not locked in to the same location or and are not locked in to using the same logo for each homepage. We believe this will give our customers added exposure and traffic for those businesses that have department-specific logos. Other services that we provide including creating a logo for a one-time nominal cost of $10.00. This helps those customers who want to advertise with us but don’t have a logo yet or are unhappy with their current logo. And, the logo we create is not in the public domain, ownership and copyright of the logo will belongs to our customers. Additionally, we also provide a free website template with any purchase. This helps those customers who want to advertise with us but perhaps want to change the look of their site. All these benefits put together really do provide our customers with additional advertising flexibility."

Jenni has incorporated her story, a blog, and an FAQ as part of her websites.

For more information, please visit her Web sites:,, and