LIVE!™ Group Video Conferencing Adds Whiteboard Capability.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2006 -- EnergizeTV announced that its web-based group video conferencing product, LIVE!™, has been improved with a new interactive whiteboard capability. The enhancement increases the interaction between collaborative team members by allowing each desktop participant to share an electronic workspace.

Collaborative teams have traditionally been unable to benefit from group video conferencing due to the high cost. Some web conferencing firms charge $4500 for a 1-hour, 150 person video conference, but EnergizeTV's Flash-based technology allows it to offer a similar system, on a 24/7 basis, for a $720 annual fee.

The ability to virtually link workgroups and teams together promotes real-time collaboration, a task that once required numerous meetings and lengthy email threads. Whether the activity is to fix a technical problem, to make a collective decision or to write a proposal, LIVE!™ plays a key role in improving and enhancing a team's collaborative efforts by:

1. Providing a setting for immediate communication:
· Increased participation of off-site experts promotes comprehensive decision making.
· Face-to-face interaction enhances group collaboration.
· Meetings are shorter due to the increased attentiveness of video participants.
· Immediate participant feedback eliminates traditional response delays.

2. Providing an open forum for new ideas:
· Diverse viewpoints and suggestions are obtained from global participants.
· Collaborative ideas and questions are easily communicated.
· Participants can express their views to the group immediately.
· Corporate decisions via participant poll are expedited.

3. Saving resources and increasing revenue:
· Conferences can be scheduled at no cost.
· Pressure, stress and fatigue from travel is reduced.
· Face-to-face contact enhances situational awareness and speeds problem resolution.
· Shorter project development time brings products to market faster.

The LIVE!™ Suite includes a “Video Recorder” (10 hour archive of streaming video) and two video conference rooms: a 50-person “Meeting Room” and a 150-person “Presentation Room” for interactive slide presentations (www.energizetv.info).

The whiteboard lets participants draw ad hoc diagrams and make annotations in real-time - a great idea when words alone are insufficient.

Lee Matthews, president of EnergizeTV, stated: "You can't beat a group video conference for conveying a situation and completing a decision-making process. Our interactive whiteboard is simply another way that a team can collaborate effectively using our LIVE!™ system.”

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