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Windharness Development Announces Intention To Build A Hybrid Electric Vehicle That Gets Over 150 MPG by Year End


Dennison, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2006 -- Windharness Development Corporation will actively seek funding totaling $3,000,000.00 through federal, state, and private grants, as well as private funding to retrofit 18 current model American and Japanese automobiles, light trucks, and vans, with the Tri-Power system, to demonstrate it’s ease of conversion and reliability in general use. Using existing technology, these hybrid BEV’s (Battery Electric Vehicles) will be fitted with internal power generators, using proprietary technology thus producing a BEV that is no longer tethered to the power grid, and has a range limited only by the availability of Diesel fuel for the power generation plant. City mileage is expected to be in the 150 to 175 MPG range, and due to the use of the unique Windharness power generator, highway mileage will range upwards of 375 MPG.

Using Current Technology
By the use of off the shelf technology combined in a new and unique manor the entire system bypasses the common multiyear development phase prior to production, and will allow us to begin production of the retrofit systems for installation into the most common American and Japanese automobiles currently on the streets within 15 months. It will additionally allow us to bring our conceptual commuter hybrid vehicles to market within 24 months, and these vehicles will get on average 200 plus MPG in the city, and far higher mileage on the highway.

All Sub-Systems Are Already EPA, and DOT Approved.
By the use of currently approved sub systems and components in the conversions, we again short circuit the normal process of bring a new vehicle to market, due to the streamlined process that the vehicles will need to go through prior to final approval of the new concept vehicles, which will allow us to bring these revolutionary vehicles to market, at a price tag of less than $15,000.00, and in doing so make economical transportation that down right cheap to drive available to the general public.

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