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Amazing Internet awards the winner of Photographer of the Year 2005


Twickenham, Surrey, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2006 -- The winner of Practical Photography Magazine’s 2005 competition ‘Photographer of the Year' was Claire Morgan who is the first female and the youngest to have ever won the competition at just 25 years of age. Her images caught the judges' eye because they found an air of mystery and intrigue about her work, as well as finding a fresh and instantly recognisable style of photography.

The Photographer of the Year award is not only the coveted Photographer of the Year title, but also £4000 worth of holiday vouchers.

“We were very happy to award Claire with a Portfolio Series site because she got such consistently great response to her work. I have had many people comment on just how much her work communicates to them and for us, this is a key quality for an artist. We wish her every future success”, says Tom Hardy, Sales & Marketing Director, Amazing Internet.

“I won my portfolio site courtesy of Practical Photography and Amazing Internet, and it is the nicest prize I have ever received. Setting up the site was very fast and simple, not at all complicated and the team were very helpful along every step of the way, and also helped to promote my site. I can update it whenever I wish with new images, and not only that, but from my very slick looking portfolio, I have now been able to sell prints of my images online, which is proving to be quite successful. I highly recommend Amazing Internet to everyone,” says Claire Morgan.

The Portfolio service enables a photographer to get an on-line presence in days at a low monthly, all-inclusive price. A free thirty-day trial is available where images and text can be uploaded and it is a simple and painless process to convert this to a live site.

Born in 1980 in Cape Town, South Africa, Claire is an only child of English parents. After completing school, she spent two years working in London. Never known to be without a camera, and with a reputation for having a ‘special eye’, close friends encouraged her to take a photography course. In 2001, Claire moved to France and studied French in Toulouse. She then moved to Paris to study photography at Spéos Photographic Institute, working mainly with black & white traditional film and developing her own pictures. She gradually moved towards the digital medium, and now uses it as her principal means of creative expression. She currently lives and works in Vienna, Austria. See

'My photographs come from my own fantasies and unconscious life. They come from my feelings at the time and place of taking. I take pictures to record, to understand the reality, and to capture the beauty of the world; to gain greater knowledge about myself and the world around and within me; to search beyond myself. I use it as an alternative means of personal expression and an exploration for personal enlightenment,” explains Claire.

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