Leonard Berney

Private Investor Achieves 38% Return Since 1985


Marbella, Nueva Andalucia, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2006 --During 1984, private investor, Leonard Berney, was searching for a way to increase the return on his capital. In January of that year, the London Stock Exchange had launched the Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Share Index, or FTSE 100, usually called "the Footsie". The Footsie Index is a number reflecting the share price of the U.K.'s top 100 companies representing about 70% of the value of all the companies whose shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange. In May 1984, the exchange opened a market in Options on the Footsie.

It seemed to him that it might be possible to make a good return by trading these new Footsie Options so, during 1984, he formulated and tested a Trading System using Footsie Options. He started investing in this system at the beginning of 1985 and has done so ever since. The results have been very profitable.

Over the years from 1985 until now, he has made an average return of 38% a year.

Anyone interested in employing the system for themselves can request a copy of 'How The System Works', free of charge, by e-mailing him at ipminc5@introsur.net.

"Investors often ask me 'If you have developed such a successful system, why do you give it away free?' My answer is that the Footsie Option Market is vast; it will make no difference whatsoever to my personal results if other private investors follow the same system. I have, over many years, made a substantial amount of money following this system. Now, having reached a 'certain age', if any other private investor can benefit by making use of 'my' system I am more than happy for him or her to do so," explains Berney.

Using the system is not difficult: Any private investor could apply it on
his own account and achieve the same results as Leonard Berney enjoys.

Leonard Berney is a British private investor and a Traded Options and Futures expert living in Spain.

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Leonard Berney
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Tel: 00 34 95 2810582
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E-mail: ipminc5@introsur.net

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