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Clarity Digital Investigations Inc. Introduces New Service to Combat Cyber-Warfare Applications


Toronto, Ontario, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2006 -- ClarityDI's Hostile Application Analysis is a new service that utilizes tools originally designed for the United States military to defend against cyber-warfare and other hostile applications. This service searches and analyzes hard drives and removable media for more than 10,000 malicious programs that represent potential mission-critical vulnerabilities to network infrastructure and security. This is an essential service for corporations seeking to improve and validate their corporate governance policies and larger security posture, and limiting exposure to corporate liability.

The Hostile Application Analysis is different from standard “malware” scans as it has a dramatically broader breadth and depth in identifying and analyzing malicious software. For example, the Hostile Application Analysis' aggressive posture will identify Steganography applications, which have been used in known cases of corporate espionage to hide encrypted messages within otherwise innocuous digital files such as jpegs or MP3s. There is no business case that can be made for an employee to have such a tool installed on corporate asset, and the discovery of a “stego” tool's existence should raise serious suspicion.

Today's enterprises have to protect themselves against employees, who, along with outside attackers, have access to the same tools to hide information, covertly collect data, or wreak havoc as terrorists. ClarityDI's Hostile Application Analysis is a must-have service for corporations that can not risk having the integrity of their companies compromised.

The following is a list of the categories of hostile applications that are analyzed:
· Encryption · Denial of Service · Binary Editors · History Erasers · Password Crackers
· Evidence Altering · Rootkits · Steganography · Key Loggers · Trojans · Credit Card Fraud
· Packet Sniffers · Driver Erasers · File Splitters · BotNets
· Instant Messengers · P2P Tools · Wireless · Remote Access · Tool kits· Spyware

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