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Carroll, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2006 -- Dr. Khoury is a medical doctor who was introduced to natural health 2 years ago. Subsequently, he was introduced to the concept of multilevel marketing and network marketing. This awakened in him his entrepreneurial spirits.

Initially, as a naïve network marketer he joined a network marketing company that he liked their products, but he was not able to figure out how to market and succeed in his business. His company training was not useful and consisted of motivational conference calls without any practical information he can uses to build his business.

He turned to the internet looking for information but he found that most mlm and network marketing websites do not provide any practical useful information that he could apply to his business. Most of these websites are simply sales letters for books and CDs, he found out that most of these educational materials provided outdated theoretical information.

He later on joined the mlm dream team network marketing training hoping to succeed in his business. Even though this training provided significant marketing information, these techniques did not fit with his personality type and he was not able to apply them to his particular business.

As a leader he refused to give up. At last, in his search for the truth he was introduced to mentoring for free.

Mentoring for free is a generic network marketing training offered for free for any person in any company.

Mentoring for free put an end to his struggles, they provided complete soup to nuts practical information that he was able to easily apply and implement in his home business.

Dr. Khoury decided to share his knowledge on his blog.

He shares on his website daily practical valuable network marketing tips, he teaches on his blog:

1-Lead generation techniques offline
2-Lead generation tips online
3-Direct marketing principles
4-Internet marketing principles
5-Effective rejection free prospecting
6-Team building
7-Time management
and more

Daily mlm network marketing tips blog is considered one of the best and informative website on the internet about network marketing.

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