MiniBus Britain

10 People + Unique Out of the Way Places = an Unforgettable Adventure


Pine Grove, California -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2006 -- MiniBus Britain, of Pine Grove, Calif. is ready to go in 2006, with tours of Ireland, Cornwall and the Villages and Gardens of the Cotswolds during June and July. Exploring the back roads and ancient tracks, MiniBus Britain offers truly unique tours with the opportunity to really explore and discover all there is to see in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Slow, relaxed touring is the goal. Therefore, tours are limited to 10 clients and 2 sites per day allowing plenty of time to explore and discover all there is to see. Want to go down that road you see on the left or do you know of a place in the area that isn’t on the itinerary? The schedule is light and flexible which allows for extras if there is something special you want to see. Just tell them and they’ll find a way to work it in. Clients are taken to many sites not accessible to large tour coaches and other sites that aren’t on the itinerary of normal tours. Have you ever heard of The Underground Gardens at Dewstow, Wales? They know all about it and where it is. No 4 star hotels on these tours, they choose guest houses and pubs that reflect the character of the area for accommodations.

Tour guide, Cheri Thomas, has studied the history for 30 years and has been exploring the countries for over 20 years. She is a member of English Heritage, The National Trust and Heritage in Wales. With a great sense of humor, she provides insight and trivia to the tours. Cheri had this to say about the tours, “Because we love what we do, our tours are fun. We have several clients who go with us every year. Clients like the relaxed atmosphere and the flexibility of the itinerary. Because we stay in one place for 3 to 4 days, our clients are also free to stay behind for the day and rest or explore the town. If you’ve never been to the UK, you want to see London, The Tower, Stonehenge and all of those places that you’ve heard about. We understand that and we do offer an “Introduction to England” tour, which includes all of those places. However, to meet the people, find and explore those unique places with fabulous scenery and have a pint with the locals, you need to get off the motorways and get on the country lanes. That’s what we do. We want to get you away from the crowds and allow you to discover all of those places that aren’t on the normal tours.”

Driver, Gareth Thomas was born and raised in Wales, is an experienced driver and knows all of those unique, scenic back roads.

MiniBus Britain chooses different areas of the countries for their yearly tours. Whether it’s Castles, Cathedrals, medieval banquets, ancient Britain and Ireland, the highlands of Scotland, villages, gardens or Roman Britain, they do it all. They also plan and arrange private tours. Try a different way of touring on the back roads of Britain and Ireland.