The United Flyball League International

First Ever North American Flyball Championships Announced


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2006 -- The United Flyball League International (U-FLI) released today the rules and outline for the first ever North American Flyball Championships. This program begins with three qualification tournaments spread across North America in which Flyball teams will compete in divisions based on their previous best times. The top two teams from each division will advance to the Final Championship tournament where they will race the top two teams from the other qualification tournaments resulting in a final champion being designated in each division.

The sport of flyball began over 20 years ago and is currently one of the fastest growing dogsports in North America. Flyball is a canine relay race in which teams of four dogs and four handlers compete head-to-head with other teams to complete the Flyball course in as little time possible. Each dog covers a total distance of 102 feet on the course and has to negotiate eight hurdles. After jumping the first four hurdles, the dog must trigger, release and catch a ball from a spring loaded box. The dog must then carry the ball back over the four original hurdles. After the first dog has completed the course, the second dog will take its turn, then the third and finally the fourth dog. The current U-FLI record for all four dogs to complete the course is 15.429 seconds while the fastest time for a single dog through the course is 3.714 seconds.

The qualification tournaments have been scheduled for Campo CA (May 13th and 14th), Henry IL (July 1st and 2nd), and Talladega AL (August 26th and 27th). The Championship tournament be held in the Fall of 2006. "This was one of our goals in founding U-FLI," says Terri May President of U-FLI. "We are very excited to be able to bring the first Championship competition to the sport of Flyball in North America and embrace all levels of competition in the sport." Even though there is a great deal of competition in the sport, it all comes back to family and fun. "This is a sport that people play with their pets and their kids," Terri continues, "there is no big money backing any of these competitors."

The public and media are always welcome at U-FLI events. Media and sponsorsship inquiries regarding the Championship events should be directed to Brett Williams, U-FLI Championship Director. For additional information regarding the 2006 Flyball Championships, visit the U-FLI website at

More about The United Flyball League International: The United Flyball League Internation (U-FLI)( is a leading governing body for the sport of Flyball in North America based Las Vegas, Nevada since 2005. With over 100 active and registered clubs, more than 1300 registered dogs in competition (almost 30% of those are rescues from shelters and other rescue organizations) U-FLI is widely recognized as the sport's leader for providing a fair, safe, and fun environment for its competitors.