Next Generation Smileys Made From an Image


New type of smileys to express an emotion:

Toulouse, France -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2006 -- Every websurfer or email user perfectly knows and uses those little yellow faces, called "smileys", to express their emotions in the text.

FunnyFacy proposes his visitors to make new type of smileys from their own portrait.

The process only takes 4 very simple stages:
- The image upload on the FunnyFacy website
- The picture cut out to determine the "smiley fufys" face basis: "Fufys" being the FunnyFacy smiley product name.
- The location of eyes, noze and mouth.
- and, The smiley Fufys choice: The range is quite wide, from fixed to 3D animated fufys, to morphing effects or super-imposed text

A free version of smiley fufys is proposed. These version includes a small advertisement logo.

As soon as received by email, users may use it as regular smileys or images and join them in messages, with email clients or on instantaneous messengers.

FunnyFacy is a new type of service, feeding email users with customisation and originality.

To have a try:

To be noted: FunnyFacy website proposes a sober and nice user interface in 5 languages: French, English, German, Spanish and Italian.