William Berg

Give Her Something Special This Valentine's Day


Gothenburg, Sweden -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2005 -- Feel tongue tied? Do you have something to tell her but are unsure about how to put it into words? Even the ancient Greeks knew how to convey their true feelings using flowers. Now, this ancient flower language can help you to create the ideal flower bouquet for your beloved one this Valentine's Day.

The flower language is not a new gimmick; it has a long tradition in Europe as well as in other parts of the world. The Greek use of flowers was picked up and developed by the Turks who created a secret flower language that eventually spread over Europe. During the middle ages, painters frequently used the hidden meaning of flowers to speak to their audience and allow a painting to contain symbolic messages, messages that would have been censored if delivered more directly. Flowers where also used to heighten less sensitive matters; the Virgin Mary was for instance frequently portrayed with a white lily, the symbol of innocence and purity.

During the strict Victorian era, the flower language reached its peak in Europe since the puritan ideals forbid lovers to discus more delicate matters with each other. But as we know, love conquers all and soon a highly developed flower language had evolved that could be used to send intricate messages back and forth between lovers. The true romantic feelings where hidden in the form of an unsuspicious and very proper flower bouquet.

Today, we are allowed to talk more freely about love and passion, but we still often find our selves lacking the right words. Sending a beautiful flower bouquet that has been combined using the Victorian flower language has help a lot of tongue tied lovers to convey their true feelings their cherished one. A flower bouquet can never be plump, banal or rash. By carefully combining flowers together you form a well pondered message that will go straight to the heart of your sweetheart. If you are unsure of your loved ones fluency in Victorian flower language, you can always combine your bouquet with a small traditional book that contains the key to this romantic language. Your flower bouquet will be a true love poem and your beloved one will start her romantic day by carefully unfolding its secrets, flower by flower.

If you want to learn more about the meaning of flowers, visit flower-meaning.info where you will find out more about how to combine different flowers and colors into a loving messages of truth and affection. You can also learn how the number of flowers tells their own message, how rosebuds differ from blooming roses, and much more. Did you for instance know that two red roses where the stems have been entwined to form one single stem is a symbol of future engagement and marriage?

Give your beloved one the most romantic gift of all this Valentine's Day. Visit flower-meaning.info and combine your own passionate Victorian flower message.